Podcast: Feminist teaching

Welcome to podcast episode 15: Feminist teaching 

The Teaching Matters podcast accompanies and complements the Teaching Matters blog, adding another space for students and staff to have conversations and debates around learning and teaching at the University of Edinburgh. Students and staff are invited to engage in topical conversations, which are recorded and edited as podcast episodes. Episodes 15 align with the Peer Learning and Support mini-series.

Episode 15 is an engaging and heated discussion between Poppy Gerrard Abbott and Amy Andrada, both PhD sociology candidates in the School of Social and Political Science. Poppy and Amy discuss issues such as the role of teaching from a feminist perspective, the link between feminist activism and teaching, and the place of peer support in the University. Amongst many other topics, they question the structural restraints around being a mother in academia, and delve into the way we use deficient language to describe these situations. They describe what sisterhood means to them, and ask if The University of Edinburgh has a ‘feminist’ community, as well as debating the emotional labour of building such a community.

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Teaching Matters podcast credits:

Director and Editor: Sarah Thomas and Jenny Scoles (IAD)
Advisor: Madison Kurchik

Amy Andrada

Amy is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. She researches deviance, gender, and family. Her research aims to explore how gender, parental, and relationship statuses shape identity for women. She has worked for various American universities and colleges as an instructor and researcher and continues to teach and research at multiple universities as well. Amy spends her time between Los Angeles and Edinburgh with her family.

Poppy Gerrard-Abbot

Poppy Gerrard-Abbott is a second year PhD Sociology candidate and tutor at the University of Edinburgh researching gender-based violence in universities, and a feminist activist around sexual violence.


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