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Teaching Matters’ Newsletter Archive

On this page, you can find all of our published Teaching Matters newsletters – a round-up of the best of teaching at The University of Edinburgh and beyond.

Each newsletter looks back at a Teaching Matters blog series. Recent series have included those on Assessment and Feedback, Hybrid Teaching, and EDI.

The newsletter’s ‘5 Things’ section offers a handful of insights into the series from the Teaching Matters team, while the Collegiate Commentary section features valuable reflections from our colleagues at other Universities. The newsletter also spotlights Teaching Matters content you might have missed, such as posts beyond the blog series and episodes from our podcast.

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Sep 2023: Five conundrums from the Moving forward with ChatGPT series with Collegiate commentary from Sue Beckingham at Sheffield Hallam University.

June 2023: Five facets of the Student Voice from the Student Voice series with Collegiate Commentary from Simon Varwell, sparqs.

Apr 2023: Five strategies from the 2022 Reflective Learning series, with Collegiate Commentary from Mark Peace at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Feb 2023: Five Lessons from the 2022 Careers & Employability series, with Collegiate Commentary from Ruth O’Riordan at The University of Dundee.


Dec 2022: Five communities built by the Student Partnership Agreement 2022, with Collegiate Commentary from Maisha Islam at The University of Winchester.

Nov 2022: Five futures from the 5th Annual Learning & Teaching Conference, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Cameron Graham at Edinburgh Napier University.

Oct 2022: Five inquiries from the ‘Assessment and Feedback’ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Donna Huford at the University of Southern Denmark and independent educational consultant Andrew Read.

Aug 2022: Five key insights to engage successfully in ‘Building communities’, with Collegiate Commentary from Professor Jenny Marie at the University of Greenwich.

Jun 2022: Five positive steps towards good practice in EDI, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Peter Lau at the University of Hong Kong.

Apr 2022: Five clear messages from the ‘Online/Hybrid Teaching Enhancement’ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Danielle Hinton at the University of Birmingham.

Feb 2022: Five guiding principles from the COP26 theme, with Collegiate Commentary from Lucy Patterson at the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EUAC).

Jan 2022: Five things that broadened our horizons from the ‘Innovation in Science Teaching’ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Richard Lewis at Cardiff University.


Nov 2021: Five things that we realised about hybrid/online teaching from the ‘Revisiting the Hybrid Teaching Exchange‘ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Mary Jacobs at Aberystwyth University.

Oct 2021: Five things that motivated us from the ‘Showcasing the Doctoral College’ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Vincent Adams at the University of Portsmouth.

Sept 2021: Five insights from the Teaching Matters’ Teaching & Learning Conference series, ‘Curriculum as a Site for Transformation’, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Toh Tai Chong at the National University of Singapore.

Aug 2021: Five things that inspired us from the ‘Open Education Resources’ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Jane Secker at City, University of London.

Jul 2021: Five things we learned from the ‘Internationalisation’ series, with Collegiate Commentary from Dr Marita Grimwood at Edinburgh Napier University.