The Teaching Matters podcast accompanies and complements the Teaching Matters blog, adding another space for conversations and debates around learning and teaching at the University of Edinburgh. The podcast invites students and staff to engage in topical conversations. In general, the podcast topics will align with the Teaching Matters’ mini-series, but will also aim to capture other important discussions across the University around learning and teaching.

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Listen to the latest episodes

Inclusivity in the Curriculum

Episodes 12-14 accompany the Inclusivity in the Curriculum Mini-Series:

  • Episode 12: Diversity and inclusion at the heart of curriculum review
  • Episode 13: Who is responsible for ensuring a diverse and inclusive curriculum? 
  • Episode 14: Commonwealth scholars experiences of diversity and inclusion 

Previous Episodes

Climate Optimism or Fatalism: Teaching climate change in today’s university 

Episodes 1, 2 and 3 accompany the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Mini-Series.

  • Episode 1 : Climate optimism or fatalism: Teaching climate change in today’s university (Part 1) [student discussion]
  • Episode 2: Climate optimism or fatalism: Teaching climate change in today’s university (Part 2) [student discussion]
  • Episode 3: Climate optimism or fatalism: Teaching climate change in today’s university (Part 3) [staff discussion]

Academic Blogging

Episodes 4 and 5 accompany the Academic Blogging Mini-Series.

  • Episode 4 Can blogging be used as an effective form as assessment?
  • Episode 5 Blogging to enhance professional practice

Lecture Recording

Episodes 6-11 accompany the Lecture Recording Mini-Series.

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