Welcome to the October issue of Teaching Matters!


Teaching Matters is the University of Edinburgh’s website for debate about learning and teaching, for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, and for showcasing our successes, including academic colleagues who are leading the way in delivering brilliant teaching.

Every month we take a theme and explore it through a number of blog contributions over the month. We also add news items as they come in, feature an individual School in focus, and run an events listing page.

The theme for this month is teaching at scale, focusing on strategies for teaching large groups. Blog posts this month include:

  • Making large groups like small groups by Ross Galloway, School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Quectures: Teaching through questions by Heather McQueen, School of Biological Sciences

We hope that you enjoy this edition of Teaching Matters and encourage you to get involved. Future Teaching Matters themes will include:

  • Accreditation for teaching (November 2016)
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusivity in learning and teaching (December 2016)
  • Employability (January 2017)

If you have an idea or story related to these themes and you’d like to contribute a blog, video, or other media let us know.

Send us your news, let us know when you are organising events on learning and teaching we can publicise, sign up to receive notifications when new blogs are published, and send in your own blogs and comments on any aspect of teaching and learning.

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