Spotlight on ELIR: Draft of Chapter 3 (Reflective Analysis)

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This is the fourth post in the ‘Spotlight on ELIR’ series, which will chart the Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) that will be taking place in autumn 2020. In this post, Professor Tina Harrison introduces the third draft chapter of the Reflective Analysis, ‘Strategy and practice for enhancing learning and teaching’, and outlines how staff and students can provide comments…


This chapter covers our strategic approach to enhancing learning and teaching. So it details our learning and teaching-related strategies, and also covers how activities where universities across Scotland work together on a common theme have informed our policies and practices. As part of this chapter, we also outline how we identify and share good practice around learning and teaching. Finally, the chapter covers how we engage, develop and support staff involved in learning and teaching. It is important to provide evidence supporting what we have written in the Reflective Analysis so there will be lots of links to documents, reports, webpages, and committee papers.

Chapter 3 is still in draft form and is a working document so you will see ‘markers’ where, for example, we need to gather more information or update the text nearer the time we finalise the Reflective Analysis. If you can help us to fill in any of these gaps, please do get in touch.


As with chapter 2, in short, lots! In this chapter, amongst many other things, we cover: changes to learning and teaching related strategies; work to review processes for recognition, reward and support for teaching in academic careers; consolidation of the continuing professional development framework for learning and teaching; and the learning and teaching conference, Teaching Matters, and the many other ways we share good practice around learning and teaching.


We welcome comments from staff, and in particular students, on the draft chapter. These can be emailed to We would ask you to reflect on the following prompt questions to help you respond:

  • Does the chapter reflect current practice and experiences across the University. Does it adequately reflect your School, College, Department?
  • Looking at the draft chapter, what do you think we might be commended on? What evidence would support this?
  • Do you have any examples of good practice that could be included in the chapter?
  • Is there anything missing from the chapter?

The draft Chapter 3 can be found on the Academic Services’ website.

The deadline for comments on Chapter 3 is Monday 23 December 2019.


We will consider all the comments received and use them to develop the chapter. We will release one final chapter in December on Collaborative Provision. We will use the comments received on these chapters to develop a draft Reflective Analysis by February 2020, which we will invite all students and staff to comment on. A final version of the Reflective Analysis will then pass through University committees for approval in June 2020.



If you have any comments, queries or ideas about the review, we would love to hear from you:

Tina Harrison

Tina is Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance and Professor of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption. Tina joined the University in 1993 and continues to maintain an active academic role in the Business School. She has had overall responsibility for the University’s quality assurance framework as Assistant Principal since 2009. She plays a key role in the Scottish HE quality landscape as a member of QAA Scotland’s Advisory Board, chair of the sparqs University Advisory Group, and member of the Quality Arrangements for Scottish Higher Education (QASHE) group.

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