Sharing good practice: Examples, resources and events

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In this extra post, Gillian Mackintosh, an Academic Policy Officer in the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team in Academic Services, highlights several key resources for sharing good practice across the University…

The University’s annual monitoring processes and Internal Periodic Reviews identify many areas of good practice, which are valuable to share with colleagues. There are a couple of ways in which we share the approaches identified in these processes and reviews:

Good Practice webpage

Academic Services have developed ‘Good practice’ webpages to share examples of good practice, resources, and promote events.

Readers can find examples of good practice in the following areas:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Student support
  • Community
  • Supporting staff
  • Employability
  • Wellbeing
  • Using data

The resource section of the webpages intends to provide internal and external resources to support the sharing of good practice, for example, links to appropriate QAA Scotland’s Focus On projects, and Enhancement Themes projects.

A third section features internal and external networks for sharing good practice, as well as listing current events.

Student Voice

Listening to student voices and student feedback to enhance good practice and the quality of our courses and degree programmes is a key focus for Academic Services. One resource we would particularly like to highlight is the Giving feedback: a student guide diagram. The diagram illustrates how the various student feedback mechanisms relate to each other. There is an interactive illustration as well as a print-friendly, downloadable version.

A still image of the Giving feedback: a student guide interactive diagram.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the annual monitoring and Internal Periodic Review processes, please visit our webpage on the Academic Services website.

If you have examples of good practice, resources or events that you would like to share, please get in touch with us in Academic Services at

Gillian Mackintosh

Gillian is an Academic Policy Officer in the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team in Academic Services. She has oversight of the internal periodic review process and management of undergraduate reviews. In addition, Gillian supports the University’s participation in the Enhancement Themes, and works with the Students’ Association on student engagement with quality processes (including student voice mechanisms and the Student Partnership Agreement).

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