Podcast: What is the value of Lecture Recording?

Welcome to podcast episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9: What is the value of lecture recording? 

The Teaching Matters podcast accompanies and complements the Teaching Matters blog, adding another space for students and staff to have conversations and debates around learning and teaching at the University of Edinburgh. Students and staff are invited to engage in topical conversations, which are recorded and edited as podcast episodes. In general, the podcast topics align with the Teaching Matters’ mini-series, but will also aim to capture other important discussions across the University around learning and teaching.

These four short episodes accompany the Lecture Recording mini-series, which Teaching Matters ran between October and December 2018. This series was co-edited by members of the Lecture Recording Programme, and was designed to provide a snapshot of lecture recording at Edinburgh, and present a range of perspectives and experiences. Posts included updates from members of the Lecture Recording Programme team, reflections from the principal investigator on the University-wide lecture recording evaluation, and findings from lecture recording PTAS-grant holders. The Chairs of the lecture recording Academic User Group and the Engagement and Evaluation Group submitted posts exploring the pedagogic impact of lecture recording, and the opportunities emerging from the evaluation work that’s taking place. We also shared views of some of the students who were using lecture recording in their learning.  

Recorded at the end of this mini-series, these podcast episodes are guest hosted by the principal investigator on the lecture recording evaluation, Dr Jill Mackay (a Research Fellow in Veterinary Education). In the four short episodes released today, Jill is joined by Melissa Highton (Assistant Principal and Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services, in Information Services Group), Peter Buckley (teacher of English for Academic Purposes, at English Language Education) and Dr Michael Seery (Director of Teaching, at the School of Chemistry) for a discussion and debate about the value of lecture recording. Each episode is around 15 minutes long:

  • Episode 6:  Implementation of lecture recording

  • Episode 7: Practicalities of lecture recording

  • Episode 8: Using lecture recording and evaluation so far

  • Episode 9: The value and impact of lecture recording

The other two episodes (Episode 10: Building a learning community, and Episode 11: Lecture recording to support learning), both featuring Jill and Diva Mukherji (Vice President Education, Edinburgh University Students’ Association), are now also available.

Happy listening!

Teaching Matters podcast credits:

Guest host: Dr Jill Mackay (R(D)SVS)
Director and Editor: Jenny Scoles and Sarah Thomas (Institute for Academic Development)
Advisor: Lorraine Spalding (Learning, Teaching and Web, IS)
Producer: University of Edinburgh’s Communication and Marketing Media team.

Peter Buckley

Peter is a teacher of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at English Language Education (ELE), a part of the Centre for Open Learning (COL), based on the Holyrood Campus. His role principally involves preparing students whose first language is not English (often referred to as ‘L2’ students) for post-graduate studies at an English-speaking university (usually – but not necessarily – Edinburgh). Among his many academic interests is lecture listening, which he chose as the topic of his MA TESOL (distance) dissertation in 2018, conducting a qualitative investigation into the listening strategies and processes employed by L2 students while watching recorded academic lectures.

Melissa Highton

Melissa Highton is Assistant Principal and Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services (LTW) in Information Services Group. Melissa leads services and projects in support of the University’s strategic priorities for digital and distance education on global platforms, blended learning on campus, virtual learning environments, technology enhanced learning spaces, the digital student experience and use of the web for outreach and engagement. She has particular interests in digital skills, open educational resources, equality and diversity and online media. Follow her on Twitter @HoneybHighton

Jill MacKay

Jill MacKay is a Research Fellow in Veterinary Education with an interest in digital education, the staff-student relationship, human-animal interactions, and interdisciplinary research methods. She teaches on several R(D)SVS MScs and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security BScs. You can find her on Twitter @jilly_mackay

Michael Seery

Dr Michael Seery is Director of Teaching at the School of Chemistry with interests in laboratory education and technology in education. Michael chairs Edinburgh’s lecture recording Academic User Group, and has been selected to be an Academic Champion as part of a national initiative organised by Echo360 to assist and support users of lecture recording across institutions in the sector.

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