Podcast: The stories of Media Hopper Create (13 minutes)

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In this episode, four University of Edinburgh staff members, Jo Merrifield, Education Programme Manager at the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, Michael Gallagher, Programme Director of the MSc in Digital Education, Velda McCune, Deputy Director of the Institute for Academic Development and Brian Mather, Senior E-Learning Developer at the Veterinary school, reconnect to share stories from using Media Hopper Create.  This is the third episode of our Media Hopper Create series, which investigates the stories and usefulness of the University’s media asset management system.

Over the past two episodes, Michael, Jo, Velda and Brian have discussed how they use Media Hopper Create and the tips, tricks and challenges they’ve found while using the service. In this episode, the group reconnects one final time to discuss the stories they have from using Media Hopper Create. Jo discusses a piece of positive feedback she received on a webinar series she cocreated, Michael shares about teaching his next-door neighbor how to use Media Hopper Create, and Velda and Brian touch on the benefits of using it as a collaborative tool.

Out of the blue, we got an email into our inbox saying, “thank you so much. I’m a medical student, and I was just trawling on Media Hopper looking for something interesting to watch. And I came across your webinar series, and it has opened my eyes to clinical research.” It was a lovely email to receive, but it does make me wonder: have inspired someone to explore that world of clinical research? Have we potentially made him have a light bulb moment? Things like that are really exciting in education. That’s certainly why I’m in education: to inspire people, give them the information, give them the knowledge for them to make the decisions that can really change their lives and their direction in their education

Jo Merrifield

The quartet then finishes their conversation about Media Hopper Create by giving their pitches for why those interested should consider using the service. They touch on Media Hopper Create’s accessibility and the benefits that come from being able to share academic content.

One of the things that work, I think, well in our academic practice is to say simply “Here’s a choice of different interesting videos, pick one that suits your interests, write a little bit about it in your blog and comment on some of your peers’ blogs.” So the video can become part of an ongoing conversation in other settings like the blogs and Twitter in a way that would be really hard to do if you didn’t have a usable, accessible media tool.

Velda McCune

The next episode of our Media Hopper Create series will feature Charlie, an open education resources advisor, and Ewan, the University of Edinburgh’s Wikipedian in residence, discussing how Media Hopper Create can be used in an open and accessible way.

Listen Now:

0:58 – Participants share their stories from using Media Hopper Create
8:57 – The group gives their ‘pitches’ for encouraging people to give Media Hopper Create a try


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Jo Merrifield

Jo Merrifield is the Education Core Manager at the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility (CRF). The CRF is a joint venture between the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian, with the Education Core responsible for providing courses, events and learning opportunities for the local and national clinical research community. She is a Registered Nurse with a passion to make quality education accessible to all.

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher is a Lecturer in Digital Education, a member of the Centre for Research in Digital Education, and Programme Director of the MSc in Digital Education, all at Moray House. He is a core member of the Future University Lab at Una Europa and works with universities and civil society organisations in Tanzania and Uganda on digital education for marginalised groups, particularly refugees.

Velda McCune

Professor Velda McCune is the Deputy Director at the Institute for Academic Development and Head of the Learning and Teaching Team. The team provide University-wide professional development opportunities for all colleagues involved in teaching and supporting learning. The team also guide students in their development as learners. Velda’s research focuses on learners and teachers in higher education.

picture of editor/producerBRIAN MATHER

Brian is a Senior e-Learning Developer in the Digital Education Unit at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, where he is responsible for e-learning development and guidance for online postgraduate programmes. He has worked in digital education since 2009 and with the University of Edinburgh since 2013. Prior to his move into education, Brian trained as an industrial designer working in exhibition, furniture, graphic, and web design where he developed a unique blend of skills harnessed to create engaging and innovative learning materials for students. His current areas of interest are video production for practical skills teaching, 3D digital modelling and animation for anatomy teaching, virtual reality simulation and digital environments for online students.

Series produced and edited by:

picture of editor/producerERIC BERGER

Eric is a Mathematics and Statistics student at The University of Edinburgh, and a podcasting intern for Teaching Matters. Eric is passionate about university student mental health, interviewing researchers for the Student Mental Health Research Network at King’s College London, leading the University of Edinburgh’s WellComm Kings Peer Support Scheme, and conducting research on stigma for People With Mental Illnesses (PWMI).  In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing sports, over-analysing hip-hop songs, podcasts, and any sort of wholesome shenanigans.

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