Podcast Series: Student Mental Health & Online Engagement

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In this two part series of the Teaching Matters podcast we examine the impact of online engagement on student’s mental health.  We explore the positive sides of online engagement, the downsides, the unintended consequences and what we can do to make things a little bit better.


  • Let’s Talk: Life in Lockdown podcasts with much discussion of mental health and wellbeing during covid restrictions, including the effects of increased isolation and the wearing of masks if you are hearing impaired


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Esther Mijers Director of Teaching for UG in History Classics & Archaeology University of Edinburgh

Wendy Ugolini Director of Teaching for PG in History, Classics & Archaeology University of Edinburgh

Niamh McCrossan  VP Welfare, Edinburgh University Students’ Association University of Edinburgh

Martin Judd Assistant Director, Student Support; The Student Disability Service University of Edinburgh

Vicky Madden Digital Safety Support Officer, in the Learning Teaching and Web Services Team, in Information Services University of Edinburgh

Harriet Harris University Chaplain University of Edinburgh

Cathy Bovill Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement, IAD University of Edinburgh

Producers Joe Arton and Cathy Bovill

Edited and presented by Joe Arton Academic Developer, Learning & Teaching Enhancement, IAD

Music Provided By Hooksounds

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