Podcast: Consent and the connection between learning and healing – episode 2 (12 min)

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In this episode of the Teaching Matters podcast, we continue our conversation with Dr Nina Burrowes, psychologist and founder of the Consent Collective, an organisation that works with communities and institutions in helping navigate the complex terrain of consent and sexual violence. The Consent Collective has been working closely with the University of Edinburgh for over four years by providing expert psycho-education content and support in creative ways, including gameshow podcasts, panel events, cooking shows and more.

In this second episode, Dr Burrowes explores how consent is an interpersonal skill learned that takes lots of practice. She also discusses the role of higher education institutions in providing spaces for healing, learning, and making mistakes. You can listen to the first episode of this series here.

Resources to consider

Watchlist for academic staff

Follow this link to the watchlist for academic staff, which includes the below:

  • Teaching during lockdown. How to make your teaching trauma-informed (23mins59sec)
  • Do’s and don’ts when hearing a disclosure (2mins24sec)
  • Why this is bigger than sexual assault on campus (1min53sec)
  • How might students be affected by sexual violence (07min01sec)
  • Surviving university: Living and studying after sexual violence (21min24sec)
  • Getting curious about your relationship with anxiety, with Anxiety Social (20min49sec)
  • Navigating each other’s anxiety healthily, with Anxiety Social (05min17sec)
  • How is consent relevant to life at university? Collective Thinking panel event (53min26sec)

Consent collective TV (registration with University staff and student accounts required): https://www.consentcollective.com/

Other University of Edinburgh resources for student and staff support:

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photograph of the authorNina Burrowes

Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist, author, speaker and activist specialising in sexual violence and domestic abuse. Nina is the author of ‘The courage to be me‘, ‘Eyes open to sexual abuse. What every parent needs to know‘ and ‘Responding to the challenge of rape myths in court. A guide for prosecutors‘. She is also the creator of the online video series ‘Sexual abuse. The questions you’ve never had the chance to ask‘, the presenter of the BBC’s ‘Rape Trials: Is the jury out?’ and Patron of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

Having started her career working with people who cause sexual harm for HM Prison Service Nina now uses her understanding of the causes and consequences of sexual violence to educate judges, barristers, police officers, teachers, university staff and health care practitioners across the UK and overseas. Nina created The Consent Collective to help realise her ambition to create a growing community of expertise and talent that can help organisations talk about consent, relationships and sexual violence in engaging, powerful and creative ways.

Consent is about how good are you at communicating, and communicating in those moments when you feel vulnerable…


photograph of the author

Joséphine Foucher

Joséphine is doing a PhD in Sociology at The University of Edinburgh. Her research looks at the intersection between art and politics. She works with Joe Arton as the Teaching Matters Co-Editor and Student Engagement Officer.


photograph of the author

Joseph Arton

Dr. Joe Arton is an Academic Developer at the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh, he is the co-editor and producer of Teaching Matters blog and podcast and curates The Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange, the University of Edinburgh’s internal site for Hybrid Teaching and Learning resources and best practice.

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