Global Challenges in Business Awards Ceremony Night: A first step to a bright future

Students in front of their posters at the Global Challenges in Business 2018 Poster Awards Ceremony

In this post, Business with Marketing student, Dasha Selivanova, reports back on the Global Challenges in Business Awards Ceremony Night 2018…

Most students who have just joined university are nervous, shy, don’t know how to cook, and are confused about all the academia. This is a common situation. But the question is, what happens next?

This is a question I asked myself sitting at my first Global Challenges for Business (GBC) lecture last year. At the start, I didn’t understand how learning about global problems could help me in my future. But attending the first ever GCB Awards Ceremony Night in 2017 gave me an opportunity to take a minute and look back at how much we had all achieved throughout this course. Suddenly, all the dots began to connect and I realised that it was a new me standing at the awards night.

This year, I attended the GCB Awards Ceremony Night 2018, and would like to share everything about it, including students’ thoughts on how studying this course has impacted their lives.

The event took place in the Playfair Library, one of the most beautiful locations in Edinburgh. Tall, classical columns, vaulted ceiling and antique books straight away created a solemn atmosphere. Everyone who attended the event had a choice between a glass of Prosecco and orange juice. Afterwards, there was some time to look at posters and socialise, which made the whole event feel very high-end and prestigious.

University of Edinburgh’s Playfair Library, Old College

Later in the evening, Dr Sarah Ivory (course organiser) presented awards to students who had greatly contributed to the poster project. Each of these students was called up on the stage, and had their honorary moment.

During the Awards Ceremony Night, I had an opportunity to interview GCB students and discover how their views on life and university has developed throughout this course. I have paraphrased below what they told me…

Global Challenges in students’ words

One of the most important skills students have gained is the ability to think critically. Nowadays, there is a lot of false and misleading information that we should recognise and avoid using when we are conducting research. Furthermore, GCB teaches students how to produce and be critical about their own opinion on a specific topic; not just simply follow somebody else’s answer. This develops independence and confidence, which are essential skills for future leaders.

The issues that GBC cover in the course include mental health, environment, technology disruption, globalisation, and inequality. This enables students to explore different areas of business and choose which one they would like to study in greater depth. After studying GBC, students said that they could confidently identify significant business world problems that should be addressed and improved.

This event was a perfect way to end such a life-changing course. Everything was done professionally, honourably and solemnly. Students received recognition for their achievements, which will motivate them to work hard in the future.

sarah pic1
Dr Sarah Ivory presenting the awards

Dr. Sarah Ivory deserves great recognition for all the work she’s done. Here are a few kind words from her students:

Thanks for being such a great lecturer. You are a very good speaker, and the amount of enthusiasm that you display towards the subject makes it more interesting for all! – Gus

You have been a role model for me. You are so passionate about the topic you have been teaching us and your enthusiasm has impacted positively on me. Thank you.

– Ricksha

I managed to discover my confidence due to Sarah’s motivation in lectures. I am really grateful for her contribution towards her course.

– Haoshen

Sarah Ivory, you are amazing! You have inspired me and made my Uni first year one to remember!

– Carrie Mandy

I would like to thank Sarah Ivory for organising such a posh and fancy event.

– Ivan Babkin

Dasha Selivanova

Dasha Selivanova is a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying Business with Marketing. Previously she attended The King Alfred School in London. She has completed A-levels in Maths, Business, Spanish and Russian. Dasha did Global Challenges For Business course in Autumn 2017, and found it very useful and impactful.

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