EUSA Teaching Awards Podcast – Dr. Crispin Jordan and Dr. Glen Cousquer (34 min)

Welcome to the Edinburgh University Student’s Association Teaching Award Podcast Series. Working with the Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange to celebrate those that have been nominated and shortlisted for this year’s awards. In this episode, Grace Lavender Student Council Facilitator and 4th Year Religious Studies Student, talks with 2021 nominees Dr. Crispin Jordan, a Teaching Fellow with a focus on data analysis in Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences and Dr. Glen Cousquer, MSc Programme Co-ordinator in The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

You can also learn more about how Crispin adapted his pedagogy to hybrid teaching and learning including his replacement of lectures with ‘live sessions’ and ‘practice problems’ in his  Reflection on his nomination.

Links and Further Resources on the Topics Raised in this Discussion

Presented By

Grace Lavender, Student Council Facilitator and 4th Year Religious Studies Student

Produced by

Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin, Peer Learning Coordinator, Student Opportunities & Dr. Joe Arton, Institute for Academic Development.

Music Provided by HookSounds

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