Spotlight on Voices of Movers and Shakers: Africa Week 2020

In this video from Edinburgh Global’s Africa Week 2020 and part of Teaching Matters’ Spotlight Series on Voices of Movers and Shakers, Joe Arton co-editor of Teaching Matters, and Johanna Holtan from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars talk to Scholars Martine Irakoze and Brindley J Fortuin about their experience of blogging for Teaching Matters. The result is an intimate and thought-provoking discussion on the power of blogging as a site for pushing boundaries. This event was hosted by Nick Rowland Regional Director for Africa in Edinburgh Global…

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Martine Irakoze

Martine Irakoze is a Burundian Mastercard Scholar at the University of Edinburgh in International Relations & International Law. She is passionate about African youth development, entrepreneurship, gender equality, and racial justice. In 2019, Martine cofounded Linda, a social enterprise that tackles sexual reproductive health issues among teenagers in Kenya. After the summit, she was inspired to bring together African youth diaspora in Edinburgh and founded the first-ever Model African Union Society in the UK. As a One Young World Leading Ambassador, Martine also runs One Young World Edinburgh chapter which is a platform to lead on uncomfortable conversations such as orphanage voluntourism. Lastly, Martine is one of the founders and directors of BlackED Movement, which is an initiative to end the existing racist culture at the University. Read Martine’s contribution to the Spotlight series.

Photograph of the authorBrindley J Fortuin

Brindley is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies. His current research and activism are situated between the intersections of LGBTIQA+ rights, race and religion. Born in Cape Town, he completed his undergraduate degree in Politics, Sociology and Religion and completed his Honours in Sociology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Read Brindley’s contribution to the Spotlight series.

Twitter: @FortuinBrindley

photograph of the authorJohanna Holtan

Johanna Holtan is the Program Director for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Johanna has spent nearly 20 years designing and building programmes and businesses for social good across a variety of sectors including higher education, active transport, sport & culture, international development and social enterprise. In addition to being one of the co-founders of the award-winning CycleHack, Johanna has created and curated four TEDx events, two creative and cultural festivals including the Festival of Creative Learning, and the global phenomenon Penny in Yo’ Pants.

The Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh provides full scholarships and leadership programming to students from Africa with high leadership potential but few educational opportunities. As Director of Scholars Program, Johanna leads on programme direction, development, innovation, and impact. Read Johanna’s introduction to the Spotlight series.

Twitter: @joholtan

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Joseph Arton

Joe Arton is an Academic Developer at the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh, he is the co-editor of Teaching Matters blog and podcast and curates The Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange, the University of Edinburgh’s internal site for Hybrid Teaching and Learning resources and best practice. Before joining the Institute for Academic Development, Joe worked in HR Learning and Development at UoE, technology enhanced learning at Indiana University, and as a Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Virginia.

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