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Debbie Aitken

Debbie Aitken is the Director of the Clinical Educator Programme and a Senior Fellow in Medical Education in the Centre for Medical Education. Debbie is also currently completing part-time doctoral research on generational differences in teaching and learning in surgery at the University of Cambridge.

Gill Aitken

Gill Aitken is the Programme Director of the MSc in Clinical Education and the Director of Quality for the Edinburgh Medical School.

Kenneth Amaeshi

Dr Kenneth Amaeshi is the Head of the Strategy Group, a Reader in Strategy & International Business, and the Director of the Sustainable Business Initiative. Kenneth has pioneered the Teaching in Practice Sessions (TiPS) initiative in an attempt to ensure teaching skills and techniques are shared and discussed.

Eli Appleby-Donald

Eli Appleby-Donald is the Technology Support Officer at the School of Divinity, with a background in front of class training and eLearning programme development. Visit Eli’s blog – The New College Technologist

Dr Thomas Bak

Dr Thomas Bak is reader in Psychology, clinical research fellow in the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences and Deputy Director of Bilingualism Matters. Over the last few years, his work has focused on the cognitive effects of bilingualism and language learning across the lifespan, in healthy ageing and in stroke and dementia. He has spoken about this topic in press, radio and TV interviews, at Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh Fringe (Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas) and other public events. Dr Bak teaches undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, linguistics, medicine and neuroscience.

Angus Bancroft

Angus is a lecturer in Sociology. He researches cyber-crime, the darknet, illicit markets and illicit drug use.

Siân Bayne

Siân Bayne is Professor of Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, based in the Moray House School of Education. She directs the Centre for Research in Digital Education and teaches on the MSc in Digital Education. Her research is currently focused on critical approaches to teacher automation, open and distance education, and the application of theory from the humanities and social sciences to digital education. More information about her work is on her web site at:

Simon Beames

Simon Beames is a senior lecturer in the Outdoor Education Section of the Moray House School of Education. For nearly 25 years, Simon has taught outdoors in North America, Asia, and Europe. He is former co-editor of the Journal of Experiential Education and former Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Simon developed the Outdoor Journeys programme – a cross-curricular, local outdoor learning initiative.

Laura Beattie

Laura is a PhD student in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She ran EdJoWriWe and LLC Writes in 2014/15 and 2015/16, along with colleagues from LLC: Georgina Barker (Russian and Classics), Olivia Ferguson (English Literature) and Barbara Tesio (Scandinavian Studies).

Catriona Bell

Dr Catriona Bell is a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Education. She contributes to teaching across all years of the veterinary curriculum, particularly the design and successful implementation of Peer Assisted Learning methodologies, and providing clinical context to preclinical areas of the curriculum. She is also a member of the R(D)SVS Student Support Team and contributes to the enhancement of the student experience through the R(D)SVS Study Skills Support Programme.

Linden Bicket

Dr Linden Bicket is a Teaching Fellow in the School of Divinity and previously worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities. Her work includes the development of support for Postgraduate Tutors within the School of Divinity.

Richard Blythe

Dr Richard Blythe is a Reader in the School of Physics and Astronomy. In his research he aims to understand the statistical properties of complex interacting systems that are driven out of equilibrium. Applications include the clustering of swimming bacteria and the spread of social behaviour through a population. Having experimented with a variety of teaching and assessment methodologies in his undergraduate classes, Richard co-founded the Experienced Teacher Network to exchange experiences and generate new thinking in university teaching.

Elizabeth Bomberg

Elizabeth Bomberg is Professor of Environmental Politics in the School of Social and Political Science. She is the proud recipient of several teaching awards and is leading initiatives within her School to strengthen links between teaching and research.

Heather Booton

Heather Booton is a third year English Literature undergraduate, currently working as a Communications Intern at the Institute for Academic Development.

Sharon Boyd

Sharon is a Lecturer in Distance Student Learning at the R(D)SVS, with a focus on enhancing online distance learning student support. She is director of the postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice, programme coordinator for the MVetSci in Advanced Clinical Practice, and course leader for Professional & Clinical Skills online postgraduate course. Her research areas are in sustainable and digital education, and she is currently working on a part-time PhD at the Moray House School of Education. She completed an IAD secondment in 2015 looking at sustainable veterinary medical education.

Kieran Bunting

Kieran Bunting is a Carbon Management MSc candidate working as a research assistant for EUSA examining the Teaching Awards. With an interest in technology and environmental engagement, Kieran aspires to continue doing research involving climate change, energy and education.

Amy Burge

Dr Amy Burge is an Academic Developer working within the support team for tutors and demonstrators within the Institute for Academic Development. She provides training and resources for tutors and demonstrators from across the University, in particular those working in the humanities and social sciences.

Harry Campbell

Harry Campbell is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health and Co-Director of the Centre for Global Health Research and of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Population Health Research and Training at the University of Edinburgh.

Lorna M. Campbell

Lorna M. Campbell is the Open Education Resources Liaison for Open Scotland in the Learning, Teaching, and Web Services Division and Digital Education Manager for EDINA. Lorna has over fifteen years experience working in education technology, with a specific focus on open education. She works for the University of Edinburgh as OER Liaison – Open Scotland within the Learning, Teaching and Web Services Division and asEDINA Digital Education Manager. Her main areas of expertise include digital infrastructure for open educational resources, open education policy, open licences, and technologies for supporting the management and distribution of educational content. Lorna leads the Open Scotland initiative and together with Melissa Highton will be co-chairing the OER16 Conference taking place at the University of Edinburgh in April.

Celine Caquineau

Dr Celine Caquineau is a lecturer at the Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is currently the course organiser of Biomedical Sciences 2, a large undergraduate course for 2nd year students. Celine is interested in innovative teaching and was the academic leader of the Massive Online Open Course ‘Critical thinking in global challenges’, one of the first MOOCs offered by the University of Edinburgh. She also runs the Biomedical Teaching Organisation (BMTO) teaching network which aims to encourage interactions and sharing of practices between all staff involved in teaching as well as to stimulate interest in research in Higher Education. For upcoming sessions, please visit the BMTO teaching network website.

Louise Connelly

Dr Louise Connelly MA (Hons), MSc, PhD, PgDip is an E-Learning Developer at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Louise provides pedagogical advice and develops online distance learning programmes and MOOCs. Her research focuses on digital education, online research ethics, and social media and education. Louise leads the Digital Footprint research project and launched the Digital Footprint Service in 2015, which aims to support staff and students to create an effective online presence

Philip Cook

Philip Cook is Lecturer in Political Theory in Politics and International Relations, School of Social and Political Science, and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Res Publica. His research focuses on the moral and political status of children.

Martin Corley

Martin Corley is a former Teaching Director and the current Head of Psychology in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.

Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Sarah Cunningham-Burley is Professor of Medical and Family Sociology, Assistant Principal, Research-led learning and Dean of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. She researches and teaches in a multi-disciplinary environment, bringing social scientific perspectives and methods to understanding and practice in medicine, public health and health and family policy. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Elwira Danak

Elwira Danak works at the Edinburgh University Students’ Association as the Learning and Development Advisor. She is also the leader for the Edinburgh Award for the Edinburgh University Students’ Association student staff members.

Gergana Daskalova

Gergana is an ecologist interested in conservation in the face of man-driven land use change. She is also a keen blogger and is very passionate about good teaching, as she is aspiring to be a lecturer and researcher. Having recently finished her BSc Ecological and Environmental Sciences degree at the University of Edinburgh, she is thrilled to return to teach in Coding Club and promote wide participation in quantitative analyses.

Claire Duncanson

Claire Duncanson is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations in Politics and International Relations, School of Social and Political Science. Her research is situated at the intersection of gender politics and global politics, and focuses in particular on peacebuilding.

Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson

Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson is President of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association. He is on a year-long sabbatical from a degree in Economics at the University of Edinburgh.

Catriona Ellis

Catriona Ellis recently completed a part-time PhD in the history of children and childhood in late colonial South India and is currently working on her PGCap.  She has tutored and lectured for eight years in social history and Asian and African history.  Over the summer she produced a website for postgraduate tutors in the History Department, featuring articles, power-points and short pod-casts of senior academics discussing their teaching practice.  Funded by a Principal’s Teaching Award, the website hopes to enhance history teaching across the department.

Omolabake Fakunle

Omolabake (Labake) Fakunle is a MSc Educational Research graduate and current PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Labake’s PhD research is exploring internationalisation of higher education and employability. She makes presentations at many university events, international conferences and was awarded the Best Presenter at the 2014 EUSA Internationalisation Conference. Congruent with her academic and research interests, currently, Labake works as an assistant tutor at the School of Education and PhD Intern at the Careers Services.

Charlie Farley

Stephanie (Charlie) Farley is the Open Educational Resources Advisor with Information Services, Learning Teaching and Web Services Division. She also works as the Social Media Officer at EDINA. Her background is in academic libraries with interests in open education, open access, copyright, and digital literacy.

Simon Fokt

Simon Fokt splits his work between research in philosophical aesthetics and learning technology: the design of online courses and education resources. His academic work focuses on classification of art, aesthetic properties, and the borderlines of aesthetics: pornography, comics and computer games. Being committed to promoting equality in the academia, he manages the Diversity Reading List in Philosophy. He is involved in the production and delivery of five MOOCs, including Introduction to Philosophy and Intellectual Humility, as well as the creation of open education resources and promotion of knowledge exchange programmes.

Ross Galloway

Ross Galloway is a Senior Teaching Development Officer in the School of Physics and Astronomy. He teaches on the undergraduate programmes in physics and also conducts pedagogic research as a member of the Edinburgh Physics Education Research group (EdPER). His research interests include the development of student problem solving skills, diagnostic testing, and flipped classroom pedagogies.

Alex Gapud

Alex Gapud is a 3rd year PhD candidate in Social Anthropology who tutors on Social Anthropology 1A and 1B, where he mostly works with first year students. He was awarded Runner-Up for the category of Best Student who Tutors in the 2015/16 EUSA Teaching Awards.

Andrew Gardiner

Dr Andrew Gardiner is a Senior Veterinary Clinical Lecturer at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Himself an Edinburgh graduate, he worked in general practice for 14 years before returning to the vet school as a lecturer. His interests include veterinary primary care, community animal health and welfare, and the history of the veterinary profession and veterinary education.

patrick-garrett_bwPatrick Garratt
Patrick is the Vice President Academic Affairs for Edinburgh University Students’ Association for 2016/17, and is a History (MA) graduate. Patrick is interested in creating a more conversational dialogue between students and staff, and wants to ensure that students feel like active partners in the pedagogical process.

Natalie Gilfedder

Natalie Gilfedder is a final Year Business Management student. After her Employ.ed on Campus internship as an ‘Employability Projects Intern’, she became increasingly interested in the concept of graduate attributes, student employability and higher education. From this, she has worked part time as part of the University’s Employability Consultancy team and has chosen to focus her dissertation on the different skills and career destinations of graduates.

Ben Goddard

Dr Ben Goddard is a Lecturer in the School of Mathematics.  He is currently the course organiser for Facets of Mathematics (a year 2 topics course) and Multi-scale Methods in Mathematical Modelling (a year 4 applied mathematics course).  As well as teaching and research, he is interested in science outreach.

Shirley Gray

Dr. Shirley Gray is a Lecturer in Physical Education and the Leader of the Physical Education Research Forum. She is also the founder and co-convener of the Scottish Physical Education Research Network, a network that aims to support students and teachers of physical education in their professional inquiry and development.

Shelagh Green

As well as being Director of the University’s Careers Service, Shelagh Green is President of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, the professional association for HE Careers and Employability. She is currently a member of the British Academy Steering Group reviewing the skills and attributes developed through Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Emma Greville-Williams

Emma Greville-Williams is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Edinburgh Centre for Professional Legal Studies. Emma teaches on several core courses within the School of Law and is involved with aspects of the general management and co-ordination of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice.

Mike Grieve

Mike is the Student Relationship Manager at R(D)SVS, with a focus on enhancing the student experience.  Mike holds a BA (hons) in Business Management and retail studies from Queen Margaret University.  He is an active member of the Student Support Management Group which oversees pastoral care and support for approximately 750 undergraduate veterinary students.  In February 2016 he was helping with student assessments at the Edinburgh Dog & Cat home and two days later found himself adopting a wee springer spaniel who he’s called Meg.

David Grumett

Dr David Grumett is Chancellor’s Fellow in Christian Ethics and Practical Theology in the School of Divinity. Other ethics courses he teaches include Regarding the Other and Metaphysics and Morality

Vicky Gunn

Prof Vicky Gunn is the Head of Learning & Teaching as well as the Professor of Arts and humanities in Higher Education at Glasgow School of Art. In 2015 she was commissioned by the HEA to produce a report on equality and diversity in learning and teaching at Scottish universities. In her previous role at Glasgow University’s Learning and Teaching Centre she also produced an academic development briefing on LGBT student learning experiences.

Porai Beaven Gwendere

Porai is a member of African Leadership Academy’s (ALA) 2016 Graduating Class. While at ALA, Porai developed and exhibited his leadership traits through engaging in most of the academy’s activities. He is an affiliate of Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund, a personal and leadership development programme in Zimbabwe. He desires to develop his professional skills in preparation for his career path. He is a first-year Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy student at the University of Edinburgh as a MasterCard scholar.

Patrick Hadoke

Patrick is a Reader in the Centre for Cardiovascular Science and Director of Post-Graduate Student and Early Career Researcher Experience for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. His major research interests include the mechanisms of arterial remodelling (predominantly atherosclerosis and angiogenesis) in health and disease.

Patrick’s interest in research staff careers has included involvement in establishment of the first Post-Doctoral society in Edinburgh approximately 14 years ago. This led to involvement with Vitae and the formation of what is now the UKRSA. Patrick served on the UKRSA committee for a number of years, latterly serving as co-chair.

Pauline Hanesworth

Dr Pauline Hanesworth has worked in higher education for 11 years, first as a university lecturer and programme leader, developing various learning and teaching initiatives, second as an academic development officer at the Higher Education Academy in Scotland, specialising in equality, diversity and inclusivity. She currently manages and delivers the HEA’s programmes of work on equality and diversity, as well as contributes to wider HEA Scotland, retention and attainment, coaching and teaching excellence initiatives, activities and research.

Jeni-Harden-Squared-cBWJeni Harden

Dr Jeni Harden is Director of Education in the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics. She is responsible for the development of, and teaches on the Year 1 module Health, Ethics and Society and is joint theme lead for ‘Social Science and Public Health’ in the Edinburgh medical curriculum. She has interests in promoting the integration of social science in medical curricula and works with colleagues both in the UK and internationally, including the development of a core curriculum for sociology in medical education. Jeni is Co- Director of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships and conducts qualitative research in the area of child and family health.

Chris Harlow

Chris Harlow is a Lecturer based in the Centre for Reproductive Health. Chris has a background in basic science research in the ovary, and an involvement in teaching and leading teaching programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level in biomedical science. He has a special interest in integrating on line and digital learning into the curriculum, exemplified by the use of Wikipedia as a teaching platform. Chris is currently undertaking the Edinburgh Teaching Award towards Senior Fellow.

Tina Harrison

Tina is Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance and Professor of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption. Tina joined the University in 1993 and continues to maintain an active academic role in the Business School. She has had overall responsibility for the University’s quality assurance framework as Assistant Principal since 2009. She is a member of the QAA Scotland ELIR 3 Committee, a member of the sparqs University Advisory Group, and represents the University sector on the SCQF Quality Committee. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the European Quality Assurance Forum.

Roxanne Hawkins

Roxanne Hawkins is a PhD student and tutor in Clinical Psychology, School of Heath in Social Science.

Elaine Haycock-Stuart

Dr Elaine Haycock-Stuart is a Senior Lecturer in Nursing Studies, and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, in the School of Health in Social Science.

Jeff Haywood

Jeff Haywood is Vice-Principal Digital Education, and Professor of Education and Technology in the School of Education. He leads the university’s digital education strategy, including its expanding portfolio of taught online Masters degrees and CPD and MOOCs. He has led, and been a partner in, numerous EU-, JISC-, SFC- and Research Council-funded projects in the field of technology in higher education and lifelong learning.

Sarah Henderson

Sarah leads the implementation of the University of Edinburgh’s first fully online distance learning Masters programme in pain management. Sarah is currently Programme Director of the MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain programme and also the Deputy Director for Taught Postgraduate Programmes at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Johanna Holtan

Johanna Holtan is currently the Program Manager for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. For the past six years, she has worked with the Students’ Association and the Institute for Academic Development to build student/staff initiatives focused on social innovation, experiential learning, and global citizenship including University’s festival of creative learning, EUSA Global, the Gather Festival and TEDx University of Edinburgh. In addition to her work with the University, Johanna is the Director of Go Jo!, a creative facilitation consultancy and Tribe Porty, a social enterprise in Portobello. She is also the co-founder of the award-winning CycleHack, TEDx Portobello, and Penny in Yo’ Pants.

Neil Hudson

Dr Neil Hudson MA VetMB PhD DEIM DipVetClinStud SFHEA MRCVS is a Senior Veterinary Clinical Lecturer at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. An RCVS Diplomate in Equine Internal Medicine, Neil teaches throughout the BVM&S Programme, leads this Distance Learning initiative with Scott Pirie and introduced and leads the new Undergraduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical Education at the Vet School.

Kirsty Hughes

Kirsty Hughes is a Researcher in Veterinary Medical Education at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include assessment and feedback, educational research methods, the student experience, student and staff wellbeing and development.

Dee Isaacs

Dee is lecturer in Music in the Community at the University of Edinburgh. For the past 20 years Dee has worked predominantly in the area of Music in the Community throughout Scotland and the UK. She is passionate about the creation of music and its wider value and biannually she creates performances in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh with friends, collaborators, students, and children.

Grant Jarvie

Professor Grant Jarvie is Chair of Sport and Founding Director of Edinburgh’s Academy of Sport. He is a former Chair and Director with the National Sports Council and is currently a Board member with the Scottish Football Association advising on matters of equality, diversity and community engagement.

Charlie Jeffery

Professor Charlie Jeffery is Professor of Politics and Senior Vice-Principal at the University of Edinburgh. His research and teaching focuses on: comparative territorial politics; devolution in the UK; and German politics, in particular EU policymaking and the German federal system.

Medhat Khattar

Medhat Khattar is a Teaching Fellow in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases in Biomedical Sciences. When not teaching microbiology, Medhat explores what political theory has to offer. He holds an MA in political philosophy (York), and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Ewan Klein

Ewan Klein is Professor of Language Technology in the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, and has 30 years’ experience of research in natural language processing. He is currently serving as Ambassador for Open Knowledge Scotland, and is also a co-founder of Prewired and of Edinburgh Living Lab. He has organised the Smart Data Hack since 2013.

Philip Larkman

Philip Larkman is Director of Teaching in the Biomedical Teaching Organisation (BMTO).

Angela Laurins

Angela Laurins is Library Learning Services Manager within Library & University Collections. She manages the Resource List service and the Library’s Open Journals service which provides a platform for academic and students to publish open access journals. Her team also supports 30 + Library Blogs. She has worked at Edinburgh University Library since 2008.

Neil Lent

Dr Neil Lent is a lecturer in University Learning and Teaching at the Institute for Academic Development. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His remit in the IAD is enhancing assessment and feedback practices within the University of Edinburgh. He has interests in the enhancement of learning and teaching, employability, and understanding and evaluating cultural change in higher education.

Daphne Loads

Daphne Loads works in the Institute for Academic Development and is academic lead of the Edinburgh Teaching Award and convenes the Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme.

Madeleine Long

Madeleine Long is a third year PhD student in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. She works with linguists and psychologists to explore questions at the intersection of cognitive ageing, second language acquisition, and the pragmatics of human communication.

Catherine Lyall

Catherine Lyall is Professor of Science and Public Policy and Head of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Some of her work on interdisciplinarity can be found on here including her report to the HEA on interdisciplinary learning and teaching provision in the UK and an advert for a new 1+3 PhD funded studentship “Disruptive influence? The role of interdisciplinarity in training the next generation of researchers”.

Antony Maciocia

Antony Maciocia is the Dean of Students in the College of Science and Engineering. He is also senior lecturer in the School of Mathematics and is leading the working group into grade point averages in the University.

Fiona Mackay

Fiona Mackay is Dean and Head of the School of Social and Political Science, and Professor of Politics. She teaches and researches in the area of gender and politics. Fiona is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS).

Jill MacKay

Jill MacKay is a Research Fellow in Veterinary Education with an interest in digital education, the staff-student relationship, and human-animal interactions, and interdisciplinary research methods. She teaches animal behaviour on the Clinical Animal Behaviour online MSc and research skills on the International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law online MSc. You can find her on Twitter @jilly_mackay

Dr Gale Macleod

Gale is a Senior Lecturer in the Moray House School of Education. She came into the university after a career in residential care work and then teaching in schools for pupils with behavioural difficulties. Her primary research interest is in the experiences of young people who are identified as having disruptive behaviour in school. In relation to teaching, Gale has particular concern with the experiences of PGT students. In addition to this PTAS project she has been a member of the UKGCE PGT student identity working group for the last 3 years and was Dean (PGT) in CAHSS from 2013 – 16.

Hazel Marzetti

Hazel Marzetti is a Research Assistant at the Institute for Academic Development focussing on higher education research. She is interested in feedback and assessment, queer history and culture, LGBT+ community education and development, and creative methods of intersectional, feminist research. You can find Hazel on Twitter: @hazelmarzetti.

Ruairidh Maxwell

Having graduated from the MA Architecture programme at the University of Edinburgh in 2016, Ruairidh has started his postgraduate studies. In the summer between the two degree courses, he worked closely with the University’s Employability Consultancy on a number of projects. This included a refresh of the Edinburgh Award’s visual language, as well as designing graphic aids for the Graduate Attributes revision. This work, along with a strong research interest in the pedagogy and practice of Architecture, has formed the basis of a philosophy for him: that reflecting on the experiences you already have will grant you a foothold in an uncertain future.

Ewan McAndrew

Ewan McAndrew is the current Wikimedian in Residence at the University of Edinburgh. A PGDE English & Media teacher for the last few years, Ewan has taught in various parts of Scotland and worked increasingly with heritage institutions, most recently with the Glasgow School of Art’s Archives team on their WW1 ‘Roll of Honour’ project.

Lesley McAra

Professor Lesley McAra is Assistant Principal Community Relations and holds the Chair of Penology in the Law School. Lesley’s overall ethos is to conduct research with, on and for the community.

Gavin McCabe

Dr Gavin McCabe leads the University’s Employability Consultancy. With a background in statistical epidemiology, international development, careers advice and higher education projects, he is now responsible for supporting institutional strategy and initiatives relating to students’ employability, development and graduate attributes, as well as fostering associated local-level activities and enhancements. Current areas of responsibility include: the Edinburgh Award, SLICCs (Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses), Making Transitions Personal and the Development Hub.

Velda McCune

Velda McCune is Deputy Director of the IAD and Head of the Learning and Teaching Team. She has oversight of the continuing professional development opportunities which the IAD offers for staff involved in teaching and supporting student learning. An important focus of her work is collaborating with colleagues in Schools and Colleges to take forward research and scholarship relating to teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Heather McQueen

Heather McQueen is a Senior Lecturer in Molecular Genetics and Associate Director of Teaching in the School of Biological Sciences. As well as 20 years of laboratory based research into genome organisation and epigenetics in higher vertebrates, Heather has led a variety of pedagogical and public engagement projects including investigations of online collaborative learning using “Peerwise”, of student attitudes to plagiarism and study use of Facebook, and the “Gene Jury” project for school pupils. Heather was a finalist for the HE UK Bioscience teacher of the year 2014 and received an honourable mention in the 2015 Turnitin Global Innovation awards. Currently Heather is on secondment to the Institute for Academic Development, conducting a two-year project on flipped learning.

Esther Mijers

Esther Mijers is lecturer in Scottish History and Director of Teaching (pre-honours History) and Teaching Director for History (pre-honours). She arrived in Edinburgh two years ago, having taught at the University of Reading before then.

Dr Alexa Morcom

Alexa Morcom is the Director of Teaching in Psychology in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. Find out more on Alexa’s staff profile.

Alan Murray

Alan Murray is Professor of Neural Electronics, Assistant Principal, Academic Support and Head of the Institute for BioEngineering at the University of Edinburgh. He introduced the Pulse Stream method for analogue neural VLSI in 1985. Alan’s interests are now in (a) direct interaction between silicon and real neuronal cells and (b) silicon chips for biomedical applications. He currently leads the £5.2M IMPACT (Implantable Microsystems for Personalised And-Cancer Treatment) project, funded by an EPSRC Programme Grant and has a passion for teaching. Alan has taught at all levels over his years as a lecturer, Reader and Professor and currently enjoys teaching first year engineering, first year electronics and third year Electromagnetics courses. Alan is a Fellow of IET, IEEE and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Principal Fellow of the HEA and has published over 340 academic papers.

Karoline Nanfeldt

Karoline is a 4th year Psychology student, who has been interning over the summer for the lecture recording programme as part of the Learning, Teaching and Web division within Information Services. She became involved in the programme as the student voice on the procurement process. She likes discussing theoretical issues in research methods, reading fantasy books and scrolling through animal pages on social media.

Fiona Philippi

Dr Fiona Philippi is Head of Doctoral Education and Deputy Head of Researcher Development at the Institute of Academic Development (IAD).

Isla Myers-Smith

Isla Myers-Smith is a chancellor’s fellow in the School of GeoSciences. She teaches Conservation Science, GeoScience Outreach, Critical Thinking and other courses in the Ecology and Environmental Sciences Programme. She studies global change impacts and biodiversity change in tundra ecosystems and is the leader of ‘TeamShrub’ or the Tundra Ecology Lab.

Timothy O’Shea

Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea FRSE, Principal of the University of Edinburgh. A computer scientist, he is a graduate of the Universities of Sussex and Leeds. He became Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh in 2002.

Simon Parsons

Professor Simon Parsons is a Professor of Crystallography in the School of Chemistry.

Jessie Paterson

Dr Jessie Paterson, Lecturer in Student Learning, R(S)SVS. Jessie is involved in the Professional Skills teaching as well as student support. Her main focus is around academic support and leads the School’s Study Skills Team but she also has a strong interest in student wellbeing. She also leads on the Schools VetPALs scheme and other student-led activities.

Zoe Patterson

In 1998 after ten years working in the design industry both in Britain and the United States Zoe Patterson entered Edinburgh College of Art as Graphic Design Programme Director. Since that time she has maintained her professional practice and developed her research in the field of education. This has manifest itself in a number of design and teaching projects, the most significant of which won The Guardian University Award for Employability in 2013.

Martyn Peggie

Martyn Peggie is a Deputy Director of Human Resources at the University of Edinburgh with responsibility for Reward, HR Systems, HR Information and Resourcing. Martyn joined the University as Senior HR Partner – Reward and Systems in 2014 and prior to that worked in the University of Stirling.

Chris Perkins

Dr Chris Perkins is Senior Lecturer in Japanese and Director of Undergraduate Teaching in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures. His research focuses on questions related to media, memory and modern Japanese history. Chris is also interested in how cultures within academic disciplines shape learning and teaching practice.

Susan Rhind

Professor Susan Rhind is Chair of Veterinary Education and Assistant Principal Assessment and Feedback. She has strategic leadership for assessment and feedback developments across the University and works with staff and students to develop strategies and policies to support academics in developing and delivering quality feedback.

Simon Riley

Simon Riley is a Senior Lecturer based in the Centre for Reproductive Health and Edinburgh Medical School. He is Director of Student Selected Components in the undergraduate medical curriculum, and Director of Postgraduate Taught in the Deanery of Clinical Sciences. Simon is currently undertaking a part-time secondment with the Institute for Academic Development, where he is developing his main teaching interests in experiential and inter-disciplinary learning, student agency and co-creation in the curriculum, through co-leading the Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses (SLICCs) institution-wide initiative.

Jen Ross

Dr Jen Ross is co-director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education, and deputy director of Research and Knowledge Exchange in the School of Education. Her online distance teaching includes the MSc in Digital Education (which she directed between 2012-15) and the E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC. She currently leads the AHRC-funded ‘Artcasting’ project about digital engagement with art galleries. Her research interests include online distance education, digital cultural heritage learning, open education including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), digital cultures and futures, and online reflective practices. Read more about her research and teaching at

Jonny Ross-Tatam

Jonny Ross-Tatam was the President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) for 2015/16. He is a History (MA) undergraduate, and took a full-time Sabbatical year in between his 3rd and 4th years. Jonny has spent a lot of his time thinking about university education, especially how to make it more personalised and fit for the world we live in.

Lynsey Russell-Watts

Lynsey Russell-Watts is a Careers Consultant in the University of Edinburgh Careers Service, with a focus on Edinburgh College of Art students. Before retraining as a careers adviser, Lynsey was Lecturer in French at the University of Nottingham.

Emily Salvesen

Emily Salvesen is the CPD Programme Manager in the Institute for Academic Development.

Chris Sangwin

Professor Chris Sangwin is Professor of Mathematics Education as part of the Centre for Technology Enhanced Science Education. He is interested in the automatic assessment of mathematics using computer algebra, in particular the development of the STACK system, in mathematical problem solving using Moore method and similar student-centred approaches and in curriculum development.

Dave Saunders

Dave is Programme Director for BMedSci(Hons) Sport Science Medicine and previously Programme Director for BSc(Hons) Applied Sport Science at the Moray House School of Education.

Kate Saunders

Dr. Kate Saunders is a Lecturer in Volcanology in the School of GeoSciences. Kate teaches on the undergraduate Earth Science degrees. Kate is a member of the Young Academy of Scotland. Her research interests focuses on the timescales and formation of volcanoes from the chemistry of their erupted products.

Murray Saunders

Murray Saunders is Professor of Evaluation in Education and Work at the University of Lancaster. He has research interests in the nature of evaluative practices, the relationship between education and the workplace and the connection between social change and development and evaluative practice.

Katie Scott

Katie Scott is the Head of Peer Learning and Support working in partnership with the Students Association and the University. She is also the Co-Chair of the International Academic Peer Learning Leadership Group, which networks, supports and develops over 400 members with an interest in peer learning globally. She is the Convenor of the Scottish Peer Support Network and in her spare time runs her own consultancy and holds a Board position with the Empowerment Project. Although she also loves a lazy Sunday.

Toby Sharpe

Toby Sharpe is a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, with a research interest in queer lives and literatures. He undertook his undergraduate degree in Edinburgh, briefly studying abroad at McGill University in Montréal. He is the co-founder of Project Myopia.

Dr Sara Shinton

Sara is the Head of Researcher Development and Assistant Director of the IAD. Her role is to oversee IAD support for all the University’s researchers including doctoral students, research staff and technicians, principal investigators, supervisors and research leaders. She also works with senior management to implement university strategies which relate to and affect researchers.

Isla Simmons

Isla is a fifth year Geology Masters student at Edinburgh University with an interest in volcanology. She initially became involved with volcanology outreach when she was studying abroad in Auckland during her third year, and she has continued to teach about volcanoes in primary schools and at science fairs since returning to Edinburgh.

Dawn Sives

Dawn Sives is the Student Services Secretary and has worked in the School of Geosciences since August 2016 when the new system was introduced.  Dawn is responsible for the management and administration of the new Tutoring and Demonstrating process and also supports the Head of Student Services with other activities.

Ellen Spaeth

Ellen Spaeth is a learning technologist at the University of Edinburgh. She’s recently completed her PhD, likes playing video games and music, and is interested in how technology can facilitate engagement and enrich assessment and feedback. Ellen tweets at @ellenspaeth.

Neil Speirs

Dr Speirs works on a number of Widening Participation projects as a practitioner and researcher. His particular interests include: peer related pedagogical practices, retention, returning adult learners, early years engagement, equity of student experience and the academic underachievement of males.

Jo Spiller

Jo Spiller is Acting Head of Educational Design and Engagement (EDE). Her main interest is in how we can make most effective use of all types of technology to support learning and teaching across the institution as well as seek out new ways and new approaches to using supportive technologies.

Eilidh Steele

Eilidh Steele is on secondment as the Internships Manager from her regular job as the Recruitment Coordinator at the Careers Service. She has worked in Careers and Employability for the last 10 years and is passionate about student work experience and internships.

Kirsty Stewart

Kirsty Stewart is the Edinburgh Award Coordinator at the University of Edinburgh. Coming from a background in higher education Careers Service work and offshore logistics, in 2013 she joined the University’s Employability Consultancy and is now responsible for supporting the expansion, enhancement and day-to-day running of the Edinburgh Award, providing informed advice and support to academic and non-academic staff across the University and facilitating increased student uptake of the Award.


Dan Swanton

Dan Swanton is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography and the Senior Tutor for the Geography undergraduate students. Dan is a cultural geographer and his research focuses on urban multiculture, the geographies of race and racism, industrial ruins, and everyday life in cities.  Dan teaches across the Geography programme, including lecturing on an introductory Human Geography course for Year 1 undergraduate students, and organising an honours option ‘Encountering Cities’ and a field class to Berlin. As senior tutor he has been developing a programme of activities to enhance study skills among Geography students.

Rianna Walcott

Rianna Walcott is a postgraduate researcher at The University of Edinburgh, studying fiction from the black diaspora. Her research focuses on how black people respond to marginalisation in predominantly white spaces, and Project Myopia was a natural progression, to help marginalised people in academic spaces.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of Teaching for Student Experience in the School of Biological Sciences. He oversees the School’s PALS programme and initiated student societies related to the School’s degree programmes. His research focuses on animal behaviour and his teaching covers evolution, animal biology and ecology.

Ross Ward

Ross Ward is a Learning Technology Advisor within Information Services, Learning Teaching & Web Division, He is currently the service lead for the Blackboard Learn virtual learning environment. Ross has also been coordinating the launch of a new monthly Learning Technology Showcase and Networking series of events in collaboration with elearning@ed.

Kay Williams

Dr Kay Williams is a Study development advisor at the Institute for Academic Development.

Imogen Wilson

Imogen Wilson was EUSA’s Vice President Academic Affairs for 2015/16.
Twitter: @eusavpaa

Anna Wood

Dr Anna Wood is the Research Associate on the ‘Asking the Right Question’ Project.  She holds a PhD in Physics (2000) and is also a graduate from the Digital Education MSc Programme (2013).

Her research interests focus on the use of technology in flipped, active learning lectures, and on the dialogues that take place in these lectures, both between students and between teacher and student, and the way in which these dialogues may support learning.

Robert Yates

Robert Yates is a Carbon Finance Masters student and Managing Director of team CreatEd. He is on a mission to develop his extra-curricular skills, particularly in leadership, communication and teamwork, in preparation for his career outside of education. He also dabbles in ironman triathlon in his spare time.